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The Outer Limits: It's More Than Interesting, It's Important.

"There is nothing wrong with your television set...."

Has there ever been a more unlikely introduction to a television series than this bold and vaguely alarming statement? In one sense, these words set the tone for the characteristically disturbing stories that followed, but in another sense they couldn't have been more misleading. For, Control Voice assurances aside, there most definitely was something wrong: once a week, between September 1963 and January 1965, the ABC network allowed a group of decidely non-television types to challenge what the American viewing public thought it knew of TV, science fiction and the human race.

This was The Outer Limits, and though the men and women responsible for it weren't from some far-off galaxy, their subversive perspective, wild creativity and inspired craftsmanship made them as alien to the medium as any of the series' celebrated creatures. In this issue, we invite you to revisit this unusually complex and penetrating series, and ponder the awe and mystery of how it ever made it onto the airwaves at all.

You may come to the realization, as we have, that while the Control Voice relinquishes control of your television set at the conclusion of each episode, it never makes any such promise regarding your imagination.


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