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Most bios and autobios are insufferable (especially on the Internet), and DJS remains undecided as to whether to utilize this space for any of the following:

(a) The perpetuation of certain myths

(b) The deployment of carefully-chosen misdirection

(c) The artful dissemination of disinformation

(d) The pursuit of aggrandizement

(e) Excuses, excuses, excuses

(f) All of the above

Here, however, is what Kim Newman had to say in the most recent edition of the British Film Institute’s Companion to Horror, a massive, comprehensive genre reference where you’ll find DJS listed alongside entries for everything from “Santo” to “stalk-and-slash” — another of those annoying terms Schow coined:

SCHOW, David J.

German-born American writer. At once inheritor of the Californian weird tradition of Richard Matheson and Dennis Etchison and leading light of splatterpunk movement, Schow’s powerful, sometimes witty, sometimes strangely sentimental stories are collected in SEEING RED (1990), LOST ANGELS (1990), and BLACK LEATHER REQUIRED (1994). In addition to the novels THE KILL RIFF (1987) and THE SHAFT (1990), he is co-author with Jeffrey Frentzen of THE OUTER LIMITS: THE OFFICIAL COMPANION (1986) and editor of SILVER SCREAM (1988). As yet, his screen work has not approached his prose fiction in quality.


(includes partial filmography; the incorrect publication date attributed to THE KILL RIFF has been amended)

There’s also a longish entry available in a big two-volume reference work titled Supernatural Fiction Writers, edited by Richard Blieiler (Scribner’s, 2003).

Writing-wise, the formative period leading to Schow’s first professional sales is covered in excruciating detail in the book WILD HAIRS.

For a blow-by-blow, consult the BIBLIOGRAPHY.

DJS lives in the Hollywood Hills in a fabulous house called Ravenseye, which was built in 1926 and formerly occupied by Linda Rondstat, which is scary enough, thanks.

DJS is often confused with Robert “Big Bob” Schow, but they’re not the same guy. He is also too old to be Micah Schow, despite those who claim this is just another of his weird pseudonyms.

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My doppelganger, DAVID J. SKAL, has his own website up now so you may further distinguish that this DJS is not that DJS, and vice-versa, and that neither of them is “the other David J.,” that guy from Bauhaus, although we all know each other and are sometimes seen in assorted combinations around the greater Los Angeles area.

Pictured to immediate right: The so-called “other DJS” (left) in one of his cunning disguises.


Despite obvious similarities, John David Scoleri is not another of Schow’s elaborate and interwoven hit list of pseudonyms. David met John Scoleri in February, 1990, at a live broadcast of the San Francisco talk show People Are Talking, where the panel consisted of Schow, Clive Barker, Richard Christian Matheson, John Stanley, and Howard Berger of KNB EFX Group…so those guys are all witnesses to the fact that John actually exists as a separate human entity, despite the disconcerting truth that David’s younger brother is also named — you guessed it — John. David and John kept in touch throughout the run of The Scream Factory Magazine (which John co-edited with Peter Enfantino) and his current labor of love, bare*bones. When John produced, of his own free will, an internet link to Schow’s name that provided basic info, David decided he was a painstaking and dedicated enough fellow to administer the official website, and with the kind assistance of Gothic.net’s Darren McKeeman, here you are, reading this.

In 2003, Chad Savage (see below) took over design and hosting for the main BLR site; John still maintains the many ancilliary sites that BLR has spawned.

If John receives enough intelligent questions, he may even do a DJS FAQ.

You can send John email via this link or his email link in the sidebar. You might also check out his home page, The Last Site on Earth, where BLR was born.


Chad Savage only shares one initial with DJS, so his Bio doesn’t get to be as cool as John’s. Anyway, after spending a delightful, whisky-soaked weekend with DJS at SpookyCon 1, 2003 in San Francisco, Chad decided to bring the full force of Sinister Visions to bear on Black Leather Required’s visual presentation and design. DJS/JDS accepted the offer. You’re viewing the results.

You can send Chad your questions or comments on BLR via this link or his email link in the sidebar. Please feel free to let him know about any problems you encounter while browsing the site.